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[Colocci’s lives after the canon of Triumphus Amoris IV]


Current Location

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Vatican City
Vatican City

Vat. Lat. 4831
sixteenth century
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's

Triumphus Amoris IV


Physical Description: Format

290x115 mm; I + 104 + II fols. (with numerous gaps in numeration and unnumbered folios, inserted into square brackets): the sequence of fols. is the following: 1-42, [43-44], 45-58, 61, 59-60, [62-63], 68-82, [83-85], 86-93, unnumbered1, unnumbered2,107, 94-95, [96-100], 101-102, 104.

Physical Description: Textblock

paper; sixteenth-century cursive hands by various hands (Colocci’s hand for Petrarch-related work); normally the name of the character is on left, underlined and followed by text in prose next to it in the same line and then distributed across the page beneath it.

Title Page

<inc> ‘Folco’ p[er]ch[e] depto folchetto al nome ad marseglia p[er] ch[e] fusse da genua (fol. 31r)

Internal Description

fols. 31r-recto of unnumbered1: series of lives of poets quoted in Triumphus Amoris IV.28-69 (<inc> ‘Folco’ p[er]ch[e] depto folchetto al nome ad marseglia p[er] ch[e] fusse da genua se chiamo folchetto da marsiglia ma no[n] [†††] fama ad marsilia che assai famosa per se stessa’; <exp> si doleua che de suoi s[††]pi [†††] q[ue]l sonare di uirtu. regna i[n] si pochi et no[n] po far quelo ‘cosmico’) (blank fols. within this unit: fols. 31v, 32v, 33v, 34v, 35v, 36v, 37v, 38v, 39v, 40v, 41v, 42v, [43v], [44v], 49v, 50v, 57v, 58v, 61v, [62r-63v], 68r, 70v-71v); verso of unnumbered1: blank.
Other contents:
fol. 1r-1v: poem in terza rima by anonymous author ‘Uoria poter comio giurai lassarte’;
fols. 2r-5v: eclogue by anonymous author ‘Dapoi ch[e] semo i[n] questa uerde pratora’;
fol. 6r-6v: blank;
fol. 7r: title: ‘Gualtieri’;
fols. 7v-8v: blank;
fols. 9r-11v: Colocci’s observations on Andreas Cappellanus’s De amore;
fol. 12r-12v: blank;
fol. 13r: title: ‘copiati’; at the bottom of the fol. few scattered words written vertically;
fol. 13v: blank;
fols. 14r-29r: alphabetical index of the first lines of poems contained in another ms. (few blank fols. within this unit: 15v-16v, 25v-26r, 28r-28v);
fols. 29v-30r: blank;
fol. 30v: scattered word: ‘Amanne’ [sic].
blank unnumbered2;
fol. 107r: two lines and scattered linguistic annotations;
fol. 107v: list of names (‘philostrato plutarco Dione plinio e cornelio petrarca’) and scattered linguistic annotations;
fol. 94r: at the top: ‘pistoia’;
fol. 94v: at the top: ‘Joh[anni]s agabito’ followed by a prose text, likely a biography;
fol. 95r-95v: blank;
fols. [96r-97v]: blank;
fol. [98r]: few scattered words;
fol. [98v]-[100r]: blank;
fol. [100v]: notes on ‘Gianorbo’;
fol. 101r: blank;
fol. 101v: notes on ‘Quarquali’ and ‘ciriaco dancona’;
fol. 102r: list of names;
fol. 102v: blank;
fol. 104r: list of names;
fol. 104v: blank.

Material Copy


Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Vatican City
Vatican City

Vat. Lat. 4831
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Colocci organises this series of lives after the canon of poets in Triumphus Amoris IV, 28-69. He identifies two groups of poets. With respect to the catalogue of names in the Triumphus Amoris IV, Colocci privileges the Troubadours and postpones Italian poets under the label ‘nostri’. He inserts a few more names not present in Petrarch (Francesco Barbarino [sic], Bonagiunta da Lucca, Cecco D’Ascoli, Boccaccio, Antonio da Ferrara, Roberto re d’Angiò) and excludes some listed by Petrarch (Arnaut Daniel, Sicilian poets). At fol. 61r there is a five-line life of Petrarch. After fol. 77r, Colocci inserts a third group of lives not linked to the Triumphi’s canon. This final list includes Italian men of letters and humanists, in particular from fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Florence.
After fol. unnumbered1 thirteen fols. have been ripped off almost entirely.


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