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[Drawings of river Sorgue and town of Vaucluse with Suares’s Latin poems on Petrarch and Laura]


Current Location

Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana
Vatican City

Barb. Lat. 3084
seventeenth century
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's



Physical Description: Format

many quires of different formats; 286x111 mm (fols. 1-4); 287 fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

paper; seventeenth-century cursive script (various hands); non-Petrarchan poems with one verse per line; one full-page drawing and two full-page maps.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> In aedes petrarchae (fol. 4r)

Internal Description

fol. 1r: full-page (horizontally-oriented) drawing in brown ink of the spring of river Sorgue with an epitaph (‘FONTI NVMEN INEST HOSPES VENERARE LIQVOREM | VNDE BIBENS CECINIT DIGNA PETRARCA DEIS’);
fol. 1v: blank;
fol. 2r: full-page (horizontally-oriented) drawing in black ink of the town of Vaucluse surrounded by mountains, above is the title ‘Vavcluse’;
fol. 2v: blank;
fol. 3r: a different full-page (vertically-oriented) drawing in black ink of the town of Vaucluse surrounded by mountains with a few words next to some places (e.g., ‘Arx’, ‘D.P.’, and ‘Sorgas’); below which is a title (‘VALLISCLVSA’), a legend (‘D. P. | Domus Petrarcae’), and a note by the same hand (‘Ex Relatione Joannis Francisci Bordini Episcopi Cavallicen[sis] manuscripta in Bibliotheca Barberina 1597’);
fol. 3v: blank;
fol. 4r-4v: four Latin epigrams [by Giuseppe Maria Suares]: fifteen-line epigram in hexameters, ‘In aedes Petrarchae’ (<inc> Has aedes, quaru[m] lapsantia rudera cernis; <exp> Ista domus nullas unqua[m] est sensura ruinas); four-line epigram in elegiac couplets, ‘Epigramma in ca[—]de[m]’ (<inc> Olim hic laurigeru[m] fama est habitasse petrarcha[m]; <exp> Relliguias sacrae ne violate domus); ten-line epitaph for Laura in elegiac couplets (‘Epitaphium Laurae’, <inc> Hic sita Laura, leves Nymphae, doctaq[ue] sorores; <exp> Laurivorus meruit Lituriges esse procus); and another six-line epitaph for Laura in elegiac couplets (‘Aliud’, <inc> Aurea Laura lyra Thusci notissima Cygni; <exp> et simul ac surgit non reditura cadit);
fol. 5r: some bibliographical notes in Latin by the same hand on Petrarch’s Seniles (<inc> Franc[isc]us petrarcha lib. 3 Eptar. \ de fictio mortis nuntio Lup[u]s Ferrarien[sis] epta 32 \ seniliu[m] epta 7. De nuntio sua mortis; <exp> epta. Lupi Abb[at]is Ferrarien[sis] de nuntio mortis \ uxoris \ suae riu[†] 3. exstat);
fol. 5v: blank;


Other contents:
Fols. 6r-207v: dozens of Latin epitaphs; many copies of ancient and modern Latin inscriptions; some epistles in Latin and Italian; a few glossaries; some poems in Latin; a few family trees (e.g., of Lucius Anneus Seneca [fol. 247r] and Cornelius Scipio [fol. 249r]); several drawings of monuments, statues, altarpieces, pieces of furniture, and coats of arms; and a map of Rome’s hills (fol. 273r). For further details, see Inventarium codicum manuscriptorum Bibliothecae Barberinae redactum et digestum a D. Sancte Pieralisi bibliothecario et in tomos vigintitres distributum XIII, 125 [].

Material Copy


Vattasso 1909, 171-72