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[RVF and Triumphi with index]


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Biblioteca Trivulziana

Triv. 1015
late-fourteenth century / early-fifteenth century
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's

RVF, Triumphi


Physical Description: Format

307x243 mm; I + 96 (numbered II-VII, 1-90) + I fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

parchment; three main scripts: fols. IIr-Vr: gothic hand (fifteenth century), fols. 1r-69v: gothic hand (fourteenth century), fols. 73r-90r: humanistic script (fifteenth century); Petrarch’s poems with two verses per line in two horizontally aligned blocks.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> A pie de colli oue la bella uesta

Internal Description

fols. IIr-Vr: alphabetical index of the first lines of RVF poems (under each letter of the alphabet, poems are listed in order of appearance);
fols. Vv-VIIv: blank;
fols. 1r-49r: RVF 1-263;
fol. 49r-49v: Petrarch’s disperse (sonnets ‘Quella ghirlanda che la bella fronte’, ‘Stato fossio quando la vidi imprima’, ballad ‘Donna mi uene spesso nelamente’);
fols. 50r-69v: RVF 264-366;
fol. 69v: Petrarch’s dispersa (sonnet ‘Poi chal fattor del uniuerso piacque’);
fols. 70r-72v: blank;
fols. 73r-90r: Triumphi (order: Amoris I, III.1-85, Amoris IV.19-142, Amoris III.86-190, Amoris IV.1-18, 143-166, Amoris II, Pudicitie, Mortis Ia, Mortis I, Mortis II, Fame Ia, I, Fame II, Fame III, Temporis, Eternitatis).

Material Copy


Biblioteca Trivulziana

Triv. 1015
Copy seen by

This ms. is composed of three different quires, each in a different hand (see Textblock): the second unit is the original core part (late-fourteenth century); the first and the third parts belong to late-fifteenth century and were added before binding together the three sections of the ms. The ms. is significant because of its early composition and its connections with ms. Vat. Lat. 3195. The binding suggests northern Italian confection. A later mercantesca added a running header in red ink at the top of each capitolo of the Triumphi.
Fol. 1r has three-quarters richly decorated borders with floral designs; initials in gold for RVF (fol. 1r), and the capitoli of the Triumphi (fols. 73r, 74r, 76v, 77r, 78v, 80r, 81v, 83r, 84v, 85v, 87r, 88r, 89r).


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