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[RVF and Triumphi with Vergerio’s life of Petrarch and index]


Current Location

Biblioteca Capitolare

fifteenth century
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's

RVF, Triumphi + Mortis Ia and Fame Ia


Physical Description: Format

171x116 mm; II + 185 + I fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

parchment; humanistic script; Petrarch’s poems with one verse per line and pèrose texts; decorated initials.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> Se lamentare ucelli

Internal Description

fol. Ir: blank;
fol. Iv: shelfmark of the ms.;
fol. IIr: last part of the alphabetical index of the first lines of RVF poems (under each letter of the alphabet [S-Z], poems are listed in order of appearance);
fol. IIv: blank;
fols. 1r-98v: RVF 1-263 (‘Francisci Petrarce versus rithmi vulgares in elegiarum modu[m] incipiu[n]t’);
fols. 99r-140r: RVF 264-366 (‘hactenus de vita: nu[n]c v[er]o proseq[uun]t[u]r mortis fragm[en]ta’);
fol. 140r: colophon: finis. Laus deo viuo;
fol. 140v: a few scattered words by a later hand;
fols. 141r-179v: Triumphi (‘Francisci Petrarce versus rithmi triumphales incipiunt’, order: Amoris I, Amoris III, Amoris IV, Amoris II, Pudicitie, Mortis I, Mortis Ia, Mortis II, Fame Ia, Fame I, Fame II, Fame III, Temporis, Eternitatis);
fol. 75r: colophon: qui sonfiniti i trionfi dimessere franc[esc]o petrarcha deo gratias. amen;
fol. 75v: blank;
fol. 180r-180v: blank;
fols. 181r-183v: [Vergerio’s] life of Petrarch (<inc> Franciscus petrarcha florentinus origine exantiqua familia honestisq[ue] parentibus fuit; <exp> et post hec om[n]ia psalmos dauid ap[er]tissimos reddidit);
fol. 184r-184v: a passage from an epistle (‘ex ep[istu]la quadam’, <inc> Vir hic diuinus in p[ri]mis diuitiar[um] contentor fuit: tenui victu & vulgari conuiuia & co[m]messatione [sic] perosus; <exp> In moralib[us] & poeticis penitus eruditus sacris l[ib]ris & hystorijs pl[urimu]m incu[m]bens semp[er] fuit);
fol. 184v: the lines sculpted on the base of Petrarch’s sarcophagus (‘sub sarcophago f[rancisci] p[etrarcae]’, <inc> Viro insigni F[rancisco] P[etrarcae] laureato Franciscolus de Brossano; <exp> propinquitate successione fama);
fol. 185r: Petrarch’s note on Laura (<inc> Laura proprijs uirtutibus illustris & meis lungum [sic] celebrata carminibus; <exp> in exspectatos exitus acriter ac viriliter cogitanti);
fol. 185v: a few scattered words by a different hand.

Material Copy


Biblioteca Capitolare

Copy seen by

Scattered marginal annotations by the same hand either give variant readings, or correct some words of the poems, or else point out the names of some characters mentioned in the texts.
Decorated initials in gold for RVF 1 (fol. 1r) and Triumphus Amoris I (fol. 141r).
A few fols. (with the first part of the alphabetical index of the first lines of RVF poems) are missing.


VR.Cap, 444