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[Triumphi with annotations and Sicco’s life of Petrarch]


Current Location

Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

It. IX, 53 (=6452)
fifteenth century
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's

Triumphi + Fame Ia, RVF 366


Physical Description: Format

235x148 mm; I + 71 + I fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

parchment; small semi-gothic hand; Petrarch’s poems with one verse per line, with annotations irregularly distributed on the sides, and prose text; decorated initials.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> Capitulum Mortis

Internal Description

fol. 1r-1v: blank;
fols. 2r-44r: Triumphi with annotations (order: Mortis II, Fame Ia, Amoris II, Amoris I, Amoris III, Amoris IV, Pudicitie, Mortis I, Fame I, Fame II, Fame III, Temporis, Eternitatis);
fol. 44r: colophon: Deo gratias Amen;
fol. 44v: blank;
fols. 45r-47v: RVF 366;
fol. 48r: blank;
fols. 48v-55v: Sicco’s Latin life of Petrarch (‘Vita Clarissimi poetae F[r]a[n]cisci Petrarce. d[i] Flore[n]c[i]a’, <inc> Franciscus petrarcha Florentinus fuit exul namq[ue] p[at]ria natus est: Cuius pater petrus petrarco[n]. Mater leta appellati s[un]t; <exp> Id tamen e[st] suo ingenio ac diligentia assecutus q[uo]d istis i[n] studiis: & sui et superioris te[m]p[o]ris omnes ad multos annos quo uis dicendi ingenere superauit);
fol. 55v: colophon: finis;


Other contents:
fols. 56r-57r: Raniuscus Clemens Pensaurensis’s sonnet to Christoforo Schioppo (‘En ch[e] molto alta imprexa a basso inziegno’) and anonymous terza rima poem (<inc> Dico il tenor il tema e la sentenza; <exp> Di chel sei a piacer duno amico);
fols. 57v-59r three letters by Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar (letter 1: <inc> Pontius Pilatus Tiberio Cesari imp[erato]ri Sal[utem]. Apparuit t[em]pibus istis & aduc est homo; <exp> speriosus forma inter filios hominum; letter 2: <inc> Pontius pilatus Tiberio Cesari imp[erato]ri Sal[utem]. De jesu Cxristo que[m] tibi plene; <exp> interp[re]tant exitu[m] pati & uenudari. Vale Ka[len]dis Aprilis; letter 3: <inc> Pontius pilatus Tiberio imp[erato]ri op[ti]mo Sal[utem]. Nuper accidit q[uo]d ip[s]e probaui; <exp>suscipiende religionin obstinantissimus contradicere);
fols. 59v-69r: prose text on Roman emperors (<inc> Cesar post o[t]ia bella couilia paccatis [sic] hispanis Romam rediit; <exp> an[n]o humaniutati uerbi 1486);
fols. 69v- 71r: list of Roman popes (‘Romani pontifices’);
fol. 71v: blank.

Material Copy


Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

It. IX, 53 (=6452)
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Marginal annotations by the same hand either point out rhetorical figures (e.g., ‘comp[ar]atio’), or refer to names of characters mentioned in the text; a few interlinear annotations by the same hand mainly give lexical paraphrases; some maniculae and some passages highlighted by vertical strokes close to the end of the lines.
Decorated initials for the beginning of each Triumphus and each subsequent capitolo, and RVF 366; at the bottom of fol. 2r is a coat of arms within a wreath.


CPR, 362; CPVe, 30 and 95; Iter, II, 272a