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Triomphi di Messer Francesco Petrarcha


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Date of Publication
Mode of exegesis
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Physical Description: Format

4°; a-e8; [40] fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

paper; Petrarch’s poems in roman type, printed with one verse per line with printed annotations in the margins; no printed numbering; six full-page woodcuts.

Visual Elements
Title Page

TRIOMPHI DI MESSER FRAN | CESCO PETRAR | CHA || [almost-full-page woodcut of Triumphus Amoris]

Internal Description

a1r: title page;
a1v-e5v: Triumphi; each triumph is preceded by a full-page woodcut: Triumphus Amoris (a1r), Pudicitie (b4v), Mortis (b8r), Fame (c6v), Temporis (d8r), Eternitatis (e3r). Marginal annotations printed throughout the edition include: brief summaries (e.g. ‘Bella laude di Laura’, ‘Duolsi Laura dessere nata in luogho uile’, ‘Della resurectione de morti’), names of characters, speakers, and addressees (e.g., ‘Parole della morte a Laura’, ‘Risposta di Laura’ ‘Parole del Poeta’), rhetorical elements (e.g., ‘sententia bella, ‘comparatione’), and moralizing sententiae (‘Notate huomini mortali’);
e6r-e8v: Bruni’s life of Petrarch;
e8v: colophon: Finiscono Itriomphi di .M[esser]F[rancesco] Petrarcha i[n]sieme co[n] lauita sua con somma diligentia correcti & impressi in Fire[n]ze Apetitio[n]e di Ser Bernardo Pacini. Adi .xxii. di Giugno M.CCCCC.XVIII, followed by the printer’s mark [a sea horse with a crown, with the letters ‘S’ on the left and ‘P’ on the right, and the word ‘PISCIA’ on the bottom].

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