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[RVF with annotations and index]


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Biblioteca Nacional de España

Mss. 610
fifteenth and sixteenth century (fifteenth century for main text and 1563 for the annotations)
Related to Petrarch's



Physical Description: Format

232x143 mm; III + IX1 + 129 + I + III fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

parchment (except modern paper flyleaves: initial and final fols I-III); semi-gothic hand for the main text and sixteenth-century cursive script for the annotations; Petrarch’s poems with one verse per line with marginal annotations distributed on right and on left of the main text; decorated initials.

Visual Elements
Title Page


Internal Description

fol. Ir: scattered words by a sixteenth-century hand: ‘Vera | beatrice | beatrice | beatrice’;
fol. Iv: blank;
fols. IIr-VIII1v: alphabetical index of the first lines of RVF poems (under each letter of the alphabet, poems are listed in order of appearance) (‘Tabola’);
fol. IX1r: blank;
fol. IX1v: three-line annotation on the expression ‘amor giouenile’ used by Petrarch and a reference to Virgil’s Georgics;
fols. 1r-90v: RVF 1-263 with annotations for RVF 1-17;
fols. 91r-129r: RVF 264-366;
fol. 129v: blank.

Material Copy


Biblioteca Nacional de España

Mss. 610
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RVF 1-17 are extensively annotated by a sixteenth-century hand (fols. 1r-4v). These annotations have the following aims: 1) to illustrate and expand the literal meaning of single words or expressions; 2) to provide loci paralleli from Latin or Italian authors (e.g.: at the bottom of RVF 9 at fol. 2v, the annotator copies lines of Dante’s, Paradiso X, 28-30); 3) to identify events related to Petrarch’s love for Laura (e.g. at fol. 1v, the annotator underlines the syllables ‘Lau’ ‘re’ ‘ta’ in RVF 5.3, 5, 7, noting that ‘Quando Jlpoeta sinnamoro dilaura ella era giouanotta di 13 in 14 anni et le diceuano Lauretta sicome esso in questo sonetto la noma’).
At fol. 57r-57v, RVF 136-138 are crossed out by pen but still legible; next to the first lines of these poems another more modern hand wrote ‘Scomunicato’.
Decorated initial in gold for RVF 1 (fol. 1r). At the bottom of fol. 1r is a fully erased coat of arms.
According to Villar (1995, 112) below the scattered words of fol. Ir, it is possible to read the title for the ms. and deduce the date for the annotations (‘Soneti di M[esser] Francisco Petrarca . . . primo mensis aprilis anno 1563’). Nowadays, these words are not legible to the naked eye.


Inv. BNEsp, II, 106; Villar 1995, 112-13