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[RVF and Triumphi – with index]


Current Location

Biblioteca del Real Monasterio de San Carlos

B 3 5
fifteenth century
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's

RVF, Triumphi + Fame Ia


Physical Description: Format

286x178 mm; II + 193 + I fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

parchment; humanistic script; Petrarch’s poems with one verse per line; six full-page illuminations, one rectangular-box illumination, one architectural frame, and decorated initials.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> Voi che ascoltati [sic] in rime sparso [sic] il sono

Internal Description

fols. 1r-99r: RVF 1-263;
fols. 99v-140v: RVF 264-366;
fols. 141r-142r: blank;
fol. 142v-185r: Triumphi (‘Cominciano gli triumphi de lo excelle[n]tissimo poeta miser Francisco Petrarca nel amore et Gloria dela Laura fabricate per farla immortale. Capitulo primo del triumpho damore’, order: Amoris I, Amoris III, Amoris IV, Pudicitie, Mortis I, Mortis II, Fame Ia, Amoris II, Fame I, Fame II, Fame III, Temporis, Eternitatis); each triumph is preceded by a full-page illumination: Triumphus Amoris (142v), Pudicitie (fol. 152v), Mortis (fol. 156v), Fame I (fol. 171v), Temporis (fol. 179v), Eternitatis (fol. 182r);
fol. 185v: blank;
fols. 186r-191r: alphabetical index of the first lines of RVF poems (under each letter of the alphabet, poems are listed according to order of appearance) (‘Incomincia la tauola deli sonetti et canzone del ex[celentissi]mo poeta miser Fran[ces]co petrarcha’);
fol. 191r: colophon: Finisce la tauola deli soneti & canzone;
fol. 191r-191v: alphabetical index of the first lines of the Triumphi (‘Incomincia quella deli triumphi’);
fol. 191v: colophon: Finis;
fol. 192r: note by a later hand (‘Sonetti & Canzone Triumphi di Messere Francesco Petrarcha in Vitta [sic] di Madona Laura. Semper eadem’);
fols. 192v-193v: blank.

Material Copy


Biblioteca del Real Monasterio de San Carlos

B 3 5
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Decorated initials in gold for every RVF poem, the beginning of each Triumphus, and each subsequent capitolo; at fol. 1r is a rich architectural frame with the coat of arms of the Aragona family with a standing cupid on both sides at the bottom of the fol.; at the top of fol. 1r is a rectangular-box illumination with Petrarch sitting under a laurel tree.


Iter, IV, 664b; Villar 1995, 361-64