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[RVF with annotations and index]


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Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai

MA 390
fifteenth century (1457)
Related to Petrarch's



Physical Description: Format

214x144 mm, III + 174 + I fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

paper; cursive humanistic script; Petrarch’s poems with one verse per line with marginal annotations distributed in single column on right; decorated initials.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> Voi che ascoltate in rime sparso el sono

Internal Description

fols. 1r-164r: RVF with annotations
fol. 164r: colophon: Laus deo. finis. D[omi]ni Fran[cisci] petrarce flor[entini] poete laureati ac canonici patauini, cancioneriusm explicit, p[er] me Armachidem suardum bergo[mensem] exscriptum an[n]o 1457. mensis Junij
fol. 164v: blank
fols. 165r-172r: alphabetical index of first lines of RVF poems with metre specified (under each letter of the alphabet, poems are listed in order of appearance)
fol. 172r: colophon: Finis
fols. 172v-174v: blank.

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Biblioteca Civica Angelo Mai

MA 390
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There are some Latin annotations next to the lines of some RVF poems by the same hand that transcribed the text. These annotations are generally of an explanatory nature, either clarifying obscure passages or elucidating mythological references (e.g. for RVF 193.2, we find ‘ambrosia. Nectar. Jouis cibus’, fol. 90v). These annotations also pinpoint crucial moments in the plot, such as the exact date of Laura’s death recalled in RVF 336.12-14: ‘Ho[c] hic quo anno. quo mense. qua hora d[omi]na Laura mortua est’ (fol. 148v). Only one vernacular annotation is found (by the same hand that transcribed the text) and this identifies the end of the first part of RVF next to the first line of RVF 263: ‘Questo s[onetto] fu lultimo fatto i[n] uita di m[adonna] l[aura]’ (fol. 116r).
Running headers for each RVF poem in red ink signal the name of the author of the poem and specify its metre (e.g. ‘D[omini] Fran[cisci] pe[trarce] Cantio[ne]’/‘D[omini] Fran[cisci] pe[trarce] sone[tto]’).
At fol. 1r initial in gold for RVF 1 written on a square background decorated with floral decorations; some maniculae.


Codici 1989, 149-150; Datati, VI, 53