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[Selection of RVF poems and Triumphi with glossary by Borghini]


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II. X. 128
second half of the sixteenth century
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's

RVF, Triumphi


Physical Description: Format

154x102 mm (fols. 1-70), 174x117 mm (fols. 71-126), 162x 105 mm (fols. 127-142), 148x108 mm (fols. 143-158); 158 fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

paper; sixteenth-century script; texts in either one, or two, or else three columns.

Title Page

<inc> Giouanile errore – s. uoi chascoltate

Internal Description

fol. 2v: a few lines from Petrarch’s RVF;

fol. 111r: list of 10 passages drawn from Petrarch’s RVF (‘Bei detti del Petrarcha’);
fols. 111v-114v: blank;

fol. 117r: list of words and syntagms drawn from Petrarch’s RVF;
fols. 117v-122v: blank;

fols. 148r-158r: quotations from Petrarch’s Triumphus Amoris I, II, III, IV, Pudicitie, Mortis I, II, Fame Ia, I, II, III, Temporis (the whole capitolo), Eternitatis;
fol. 158v: blank.


Other contents:
fol. 1r: list of geographical names;
fol. 1v: blank;
fol. 2r: list of rivers and mountains;

fols. 3r-4v: blank;
fols. 5-32: embedded printed edition of ‘Rimario de tutte le cadentie di Dante, e Petrarca, raccolte per Pellegrino Moreto mantovano’ (Venice: Bindoni and Pasini, 1533); there are a few hand-written annotations on the margins of the edition (probably by Borghini), listing some words that rhyme with those enumerated in the printed text (e.g., at fol. 15r);
fols. 33r-34r: list of adjectives;
fols. 34v-35r: blank;
fol. 35v: many short quotations from Dante’s Purgatorio;
fols. 36r-36v: list of syntagms drawn from Purgatorio XXVIII;
fols. 37r-38v: list of syntagms (name + adjective);
fols. 39r-40r: list of adjectives;
fol. 40v: excerpts of Purgatorio X and XI;
fol. 41r-41v: blank;
fols. 42r-43v: list of syntagms (name + adjective);
fols. 44r-45v: list of words;
fol. 46r: blank;
fol. 46v: a few Italian proverbs;
fols. 47r-52v: list of Italian proverbs (‘prouerbi uolgari’);
fols. 53r-57v: list of words and expressions;
fols. 58r-60v: blank;
fols. 61r-63r: frottola in settenari ‘I uo dire la frottola’;
fols. 63v-64r: blank;
fol. 64v: a few lines;
fol. 65r-65v: annotations about the rhetorical figure of ‘consonantia’;
fol. 66r: blank;
fols. 66v-70v: list of words, grouped thematically (rocks, flowers, colors, trees, planets, animals);
fols. 71r-72v: grammatical prose work on nouns, pronouns, and verbs;
fol. 73r-73v: table of verbal conjugations for verbs ‘amare’, ‘scrivere’, ‘avere’, and ‘essere’;
fols. 73v-77r: grammatical prose work on adverbs and orthography;
fols. 77v-78r: blank;
fol. 78v: a few poetical quotations;
fol. 79r: title (‘Ritratto di cose volgari di tre nobilissimi autorj’) with a few scattered words;
fol. 79v: two proverbs;
fols. 80r-84v: list of metaphors drawn from Dante’s Inferno;
fols. 85r-90v: blank;
fol. 91r: two quotations from Dante’s Inferno on dawn;
fols. 91v-93v: blank;
fols. 94r-96v: quotations from Castiglione’s Il Cortegiano;
fols. 97r-98v: quotations from Dante’s Inferno;
fols. 99r-104v: blank;
fols. 105r-106v: quotations from Castiglione’s Il Cortegiano;
fol. 107r-107v: list of short expressions;
fols. 108r-110v: blank;

fols. 115r-116r: quotations from Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso;
fol. 116v: blank;

fol. 123r: quotation from Machiavelli’s Discorsi;
fols. 123v-126v: blank;
fols. 127-142: embedded printed edition of ‘Laberinto d’amore di m. Giouanni Boccaccio. Con vna epistola confortatoria a messer Pino di Rossi del medesimo auttore’ ([Toscolano]: Paganino, between 1527 and 1533), 53-68, with three hand-written annotations on the margins (by Borghini), correcting three typos of the printed text;
fol. 143r-143v: blank;
fols. 144r-148r: excerpts from Bembo’s poems;

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II. X. 128
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