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[RVF with index]


Current Location

Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana

late-fourteenth century / early-fifteenth century for main text
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's



Physical Description: Format

282x209 mm; VIII + 68 + VIII fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

parchment (except initial I-VI and final IV-VII flyleaves in paper); two scripts: humanistic script for main text and gothic hand for the index; Petrarch’s poems set on both left and right in two horizontally aligned blocks with two verses per line (except RVF 360 written in prose at fols. 65r-66r); decorated initials.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> Oi [sic] chascoltate in rim[e]

Internal Description

fols. VIIr-VIIIv: alphabetical index of the first lines of RVF poems (under each letter of the alphabet, poems are listed in order of appearance);
fols. 1r-48r: RVF 1-263;
fol. 48v: blank;
fols. 49r-68r: RVF 264-366;
fol. 68v: a sketched drawing erased at the bottom of the fol.

Material Copy


Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana

Copy seen by

Decorated initials in gold for RVF 1 (fol. 1r) and RVF 264 (fol. 49r).
This ms. was probably copied within the circle of Coluccio Salutati in Florence. The importance of the ms. is due to its proximity in relation to the layout and the form of the text to ms. Vat. Lat. 3195. According to Belloni (Belloni-Zamponi 2008, 306), Plut.41.10 was either copied directly from Vat. Lat. 3195, or copied from Vat. Lat. 3195 by means of a lost ms. Stefano Zamponi (Belloni-Zamponi 2008, 305) and Teresa De Robertis (2013, 24) speculate that the copyist of the main text in the ms. might be Niccolò Niccoli. The index of RVF poems was composed in the second half of the fifteenth century.


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