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[RVF and Triumphi – with annotations and index]


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Bibliothèque nationale de France

italien 549
fifteenth century
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RVF, Triumphi + Triumphus Mortis Ia and Fame Ia


Physical Description: Format

258x178 mm; III + 190 + III fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

parchment; humanistic script; Petrarch’s poems with one verse per line, with annotations irregularly distributed on the sides; three architectural frames, historiated and decorated initials.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> Tabula huius libri descripti [—]

Internal Description

fols. 1r-7v: alphabetical index of the first lines of RVF poems (under each letter of the alphabet, poems are listed in order of appearance) (‘Tabula huius libri descripti [—]’);
fols. 8r-8vr: blank;
fols. 9r-115r: RVF 1-263 with annotations (‘Primus liber Sonectorum ac moralium Cantilenarum Excellentissimi viri F[rancisci] petrarce poete laureati. Quos edidit dum d[omi]na laura uitali sp[irit]u potiret[u]r. Inde sequet[u]r secu[n]dus liber in quo c[on]tinebunt[u]r illi quos ip[s]emet co[m]posuit postq[uam] fatali lege fuit ab hoc seculo disgregata’);
fol. 115r: colophon: Expliciunt. Sonect[i] et Cantilene morales q[uo]s edidit p[re]fatus vir eloq[ue]ntissim[us] f[ranciscus] pe[trarca] t[em]p[o]re quo Laura viuebat. Nu[n]c aut[em]. Sequuntur illi quos edidit post mortem eiusdem;
fols. 115v-156v: RVF 264-366, fol. 156v: colophon: Expliciunt Sonectus et Cantilene mo[r]ales Clarissimi viri f[rancisci] petrarce poete Laureati;
fols. 157r-189v: Triumphi with annotations (‘Incipiu[n]t t[ri]u[m]phi p[er] a[eu]ndem f[ranciscum]. Eliconiu[m] poetam editi cm pm’, order: Amoris I, Amoris III, Amoris IV, Pudicitie, Mortis I, Mortis Ia, Mortis II, Fame Ia, Amoris II, Fame I, Fame II, Fame III.1-53, Temporis.49-106, Eternitatis.77-134);
fols. 190r-190v: blank

Material Copy


Bibliothèque nationale de France

italien 549
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Marginal annotations in Latin by a different late-fifteenth-century hand to both RVF poems and the Triumphi either provide some explanations on the content of some poems and regarding historical and mythological figures mentioned in the capitoli, or give short paraphrase of some lines; a few other marginal annotations by the same hand add some missing lines; a few maniculae.
Historiated initials for RVF 1 showing Petrarch sitting and writing (fol. 9r), RVF 264 showing angels over a sleeping figure (fol. 115v), and Triumphus Amoris I showing the representation of the triumph (fol. 157r); decorated initials for each letter of the alphabet in the alphabetical index of the first lines; at fols. 9r, 115v, and 157r is an architectural frame.
After fols. 187, 188, and 189, some fols. are missing (some fols. with Triumphus Fame III.54-121 and Temporis.1-48 after fol. 187; some others with Triumphus Temporis.107-145 and Eternitatis.1-76 after fol. 188; and another one with Triumphus Eternitatis 135-145 after fol. 189).

A microfilm (MF 688) was used to create this entry. 


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