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[RVF and Triumphi – with index]


Current Location

Walters Art Museum
Baltimore, MD
United States

late fifteenth century
Mode of exegesis
Related to Petrarch's

RVF and Triumphi + Fame Ia and Mortis Ia


Physical Description: Format

199x139 mm; I + 147 + I fols.

Physical Description: Textblock

parchment; humanistic script; Petrarch’s poems with one verse per line and prose text; one rectangular-box illumination and decorated initials.

Visual Elements
Title Page

<inc> A [–]lumq[ue] animal alberga in terra

Internal Description

fols. 1r-8r: alphabetical index of the first lines of RVF poems (under each letter of the alphabet, poems are listed in order of appearance);
fol. 8r: alphabetical index of the capitoli of the Triumphi;
fol. 8v: blank with scattered words and pen strokes by various different hands;
fol. 9r: rectangular-box illumination showing Petrarch and Laura standing in a garden, each carrying a flower in their hands, and facing each other; below is RVF 1;
fols. 9v-108v: RVF 2-366;
fol. 108v: colophon: finis;
fols. 109r-111r: Orlandi’s canzone ‘Beato il prego tuo cortese & almo’ (‘Cançone composta per alberto orlando ad instantia del Magnifico signore berardo de camarino sopra y triumphi’);
fol. 111r: colophon: finis Deo gratias. Amen;
fols. 111v-146v: Triumphi (order: Amoris I, Amoris III, Amoris IV, Pudicitie, Amoris II, Mortis I, Mortis II, Fame Ia, Fame I, Fame II, Fame III, Temporis.1-87, Eternitatis.58-145, Mortis Ia);
fol. 146v: colophon: finis;
fol. 147r-147v: Petrarch’s note on Laura (‘Epistola domini francisci pe[trarce] In comemorationem mortis d[omi]ne Laure’, <inc> Laura proprijs virtutibus illustris & meis longum celebrata carminibus; <exp> in expectatos exitus acriter ac [⎯]liter cogitanti);
fol. 147v: anonymous sonnet ‘Laureo segno tanto triumphale’.

Material Copy


Walters Art Museum
Baltimore, MD
United States

Copy seen by

Occasional marginal annotations by later hands either add some missing lines, or provide variant readings, or else write some extravagant lines or sentences. Some further occasional annotations by the same hand that wrote the poems provide historical information about a few characters mentioned in the capitoli.
Decorated initials in gold for RVF 1 (fol. 9r) and Triumphus Amoris I (fol. 111v).
At the bottom of fol. 9r is a coat of arms surrounded by two people (a man on the left and a woman on the right).
After fol. 145, some fols. (with Triumphus Temporis.88-145 and Eternitatis.1-57) are missing. They must have been lost before the foliation was added to the ms., because no interruption in the numeration of the fols. occurs.


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